September 21:  Kennebunk to Amesbury, MA  60.5 miles,  1863' climbed

Opening up the motel room's door this morning brought a shiver to each one of us.  The temperature had dropped to the low 40's during the night and hadn't moved much beyond that at sun rise.  Rethinking of attire was an immediate concern.  Word of the day -- layer!!

The group is getting smaller now.  This morning we had to say goodbye to Candi and Courtney.  Courtney needed to return to work and Candi had a long list of obligations too. We'll miss these two -- Candi is going to try to come back with Kathy later into the ride, but Courtney can't , so this goodbye is final for this trip -- sad.  A big "New England" breakfast and then the two of them were off to the train to Boston and we were down the road to Massachusetts.  

Today the fall air was in full force.  The wind was blowing out of the west, so the air was dry, but chilly.  Riding in this kind of weather is exhilarating.  The air is crisp, the wind biting at times, and the scenery spectacular.  The route took us first into the countryside, but then headed directly to the sea.  Wells Beach was the first to appear with the waves crashing against the rocky coastline sending spray high into the sky.  Next was Moody Beach with its alley of small summer cottages lining the right side of street and the rocky beach to the left.  Ogunquit and York Beach are two famous summer resort towns literally touching the water's edge.  Some of the summer homes have been here for over a hundred years; others merely a few; but all show that welcoming feeling inviting the passerby to stop and rest for a spell. 

The route follows the coast line for most of the morning ducking into and out of the coves, pass sea marshes and rocky beaches.  Every turn is a more beautiful vista.  Then as the day progresses the route turns inland once more into the "suburbs" of the sea.  A few farms are passes with horses grazing in the meadows, but for the most part it is a old residential region with one more eloquent old home after another.

Two state lines are crossed today.  As we crossed the river into Portsmouth we entered New Hampshire, only to ride for an hour and find ourselves in Massachusetts.  There was no sign signifying this -- maybe New Hampshire residents don't want "outsiders" to know where they are -- or maybe they are just fugal -- why spend money on a sign that tells you where you are when you know where you are!!!  The road now is like a small roller coaster.  As one descends it is easy to gain enough speed to coast up the next rise.  Most of the route found us on a downward path which after several days of heavy hills brought a great feeling of relief.

All said, the route today was beautiful in sight and weather.  Tonight it is Amesbury, MA.  The route will now take us away from the coast for awhile as we head to NY and PA.

Coffee Break with Jan and Peg

Maine Coastline


York Beach

Wells Beach

Peg:  "Oh My Back!"

Entrance to Portsmouth, NH

Crossing The Border into NH

Downtown Portsmouth, NH